Sightseeing Bus Tour around Okinawa Main Island’s Beautiful Attractions

Enjoy the Beautiful Seas and Aquarium of Okinawa Main Island

Okinawa is surrounded by stunning seas. In this tour, you will visit famous tourist attractions of Okinawa Main Island such as Manza Beach and “Churaumi Aquarium” by sightseeing bus. Since there is no railway in Okinawa except for the monorail in Naha, traveling can be quite challenging without a car. This tour is highly recommended as it allows you to efficiently explore the must-visit spots on Okinawa Main Island.

Basic Information

Location Okinawa Main Island
Main destinations: Churaumi Aquarium, Manza Beach, America Village
Meeting place: Major hotels in Naha, etc.
Duration All year round
Tour Details About 12 hours tour
Guide: Japanese and English
Audio guide service: English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Spanish, Korean Price: from 6,000 yen/td>
Tour Type Paid Tours
Eligibility Anyone is welcome to participate.
URL GETYOURGUIDE: Exploring Okinawa’s Natural Beauty and Rich History



Okinawa: Bus Tour to Churaumi Aquarium with Sightseeing


Okinawa Bus Tour to Churaumi Aquarium with Sightseeing



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