Nanaore Plum Blossom Festival: [Ehime Prefecture, Iyo District]

愛媛県伊予郡 七折梅園
[Initiatives for Tourism Across Japan] In a venue where about 16,000 plum trees of approximately 30 varieties are in full bloom, various events are held during the Plum Blossom Festival.

[Ehime Prefecture, Iyo District] Nanaore Plum Blossom Festival Held in the home of Shichiori Koubai, known for its taste and quality, the “Nanaore Plum Blossom Festival.” The venue offers plum processed products and agricultural processed products for sale.

  • Dates: February 25, 2023 (Saturday) – March 12, 2023 (Sunday)
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Location: Nanaore Plum Orchard (Shichiori, Tobe Town)
  • Inquiries: Tobe Town Hall – Nanao-re Plum Association

Official Website:

[Photo: A previous event]



Nanaore Plum Garden, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture

Nanaore Plum Garden, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture

Nanaore Plum Garden, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture

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