7th Spicy Food Festival Festival: Hamura City, Tokyo


Promoting Tourism Efforts Across Japan! It seems there are hot and spicy events happening during the cold season. Collaborations between local farmers and businesses in Hamura City make this event even more enticing.

7th Spicy Food Festival Festival in Hamura City, Tokyo The 7th Spicy Food Festival is primarily organized by young entrepreneurs and other contributors to regional revitalization. The event aims to invigorate the local economy, promote community exchange, encourage residents to stay, and boost the population by utilizing local resources for new commercial and tourism initiatives. During the event, various eateries prepare hot and spicy menus using locally grown “Hamura-produced chili peppers” and more.

The event features 42 participating eateries affiliated with the Hamura City Chamber of Commerce, all offering spicy menu items. There’s also a spicy stamp rally where you can collect stamps and receive prizes.

Event Period: February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) – February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)

  • For a list of participating establishments and their menus, please visit the official website.

Organized by: Hamura City Chamber of Commerce Supported by: Hamura City, Hamura City Tourism Association Cooperation: Hamura City Agricultural Successor Club Contact: Hamura City Chamber of Commerce (TEL: 042-555-6211)

Official Website (Japanese): http://www.hamura-sci.jp/illumi/illumi.html

(Photos shown are from a previous event.)

Hamura Spicy Food Festival

Poster for 2022, “Hamura Spicy Food Festival”

Hot and spicy dishes (example)

Hot and spicy dishes (example)

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