Asahikawa City Lights Up with “Asahikawa Street Lights” in Hokkaido


Here’s information about tourism efforts from various parts of Japan! Many light-up events that have been taking place in various locations seem to end their season in March. Here, we introduce the illumination event in Asahikawa City, which is scheduled to run until March 5th.

[Hokkaido, Asahikawa City] Asahikawa Street Lights Illumination (Light Display) The “Asahikawa Street Lights Illumination” shines in the midst of the harsh winter in the city. It is a winter tradition that decorates five areas in the central part of Asahikawa City. Enjoy the unique displays on each street.

Dates: November 26, 2022 (Saturday) – March 5, 2023 (Sunday)
Time: 16:30 – 23:00
Locations: Miya-shita, Shopping Park, Midori-bashi Street, 7-jo Street Green Road, Tokiwadai Street, Showa Street
Inquiries: Asahikawa Machiakari Executive Committee

Official Website:

Photo: Image from a previous event



Asahikawa City, Hokkaido

Asahikawa City, Hokkaido

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