Awaji Flower Festival 2023 Spring: [Awaji City, Hyogo Prefectur]


Promoting Tourism Efforts Across Japan! An event featuring flowers to fully enjoy spring on Awaji Island. This event takes place at various tourist facilities on Awaji Island, including the Awaji Island National Park in Akashi Kaikyō.

Awaji Flower Festival 2023 Spring in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture

Various events and exhibitions are held all over Awaji Island during the Awaji Flower Festival, including Nemophila at the Awaji Island National Park and 10,000 tulips on the hill of Awaji Farm Park England. During the festival, there will also be a photo contest for pictures taken at flower facilities on the island. Please note that some facilities may temporarily close to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so it’s recommended to inquire at each facility.

Event Period: March 18, 2023 (Saturday) – May 28, 2023 (Sunday) Venue: Awaji Island National Park, among other tourist facilities on Awaji Island Contact: Awaji Island Kuni Umi Association Official Website (Japanese):

Photo: A photo of Awaji Island National Park

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Awaji Island National Akashi Kaikyo Park

Awaji Island National Akashi Kaikyo Park

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